This supernatural thriller is back for its final season — and it has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

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Supernaturally-charged procedural "Evil" is returning to Paramount Plus this week for its fourth and final season, and it looks like the series isn't pausing for even one moment as it hurtles towards what seems like the end of the world. 

Where to stream 'Evil'

"Evil" season 4 is streaming on Paramount Plus

Psychologist Kristen, priest David Acosta, and techie Ben Shakir are teaming up once again to investigate more suspicious occurrences, as the sinister Leland Townsend works to bring about the apocalypse by raising a child who he believes will become the Antichrist. And of course, all of this is happening while our characters grapple with questions of faith, destiny, and the very nature of evil itself. 

The series has earned a reputation for being a heady mix of horror, procedural mystery, and serialized drama, and has become quite the critical darling since its debut in 2019 due to its unique format and complex themes. 

'Evil' season 4 continues the series' critically acclaimed streak

The first part of the final season was recently screened for critics and it looks like the final season will continue the series' critically acclaimed streak, earning a rare 100% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes (based on eight reviews). Previous seasons have all been certified fresh on the platform, earning a 93% "Fresh" rating or above. 

Writing for Inverse, Critic Eric Francisco praised the "holy" chemistry between the series' three leads saying that their stellar performances are key to making the series' final outing "compulsively watchable."

Similarly, Gizmodo's Cheryl Eddy says that while the show's procedural elements take a backseat to character development in the final season, the series remains a "twisted treat" and adds that "there’s no other horror show we’d rather be watching."

The 14-episode final season will be streaming exclusively on Paramount Plus, with the first episode dropping on May 23, and subsequent installments released every Thursday. 

Where to watch 'Evil' seasons 1-3

Need a refresher on the story thus far? The easiest place to catch up on "Evil" is on Paramount Plus, where all past episodes are currently streaming. However, the first three seasons are also available on other platforms for those without a subscription to this service.

The first two seasons of "Evil" are currently streaming on Netflix, and though the third season of "Evil" was previously exclusive to Paramount Plus, the streamer released all of the episodes of the penultimate season of the show for free a few days ago via its YouTube channel for easy binging ahead of season 4.  

No matter where you watch, it looks like "Evil" is destined to go down as one of the most ambitious and exciting supernatural shows in recent history, and if you haven't checked it out already, now seems like the perfect time as this groundbreaking show prepares to make its final bow later this summer. 

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