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This excellent Ninja Air Fryer is just $69 before Black Friday

Ninja 4qt AF100 Air Fryer on a table
(Image credit: Ninja)

Air fryers are quickly becoming an essential kitchen appliance, and it’s not hard to see why. Allowing you to cook up moreish favorites like French fries, southern-fried chicken, wings, mozzarella sticks and more while barely using any oil in the process, it’s no wonder every home chef is after one. 

Even just finding a decent air fryer in stock has proved surprisingly tricky in recent months, so finding a quality one on sale is really worth shouting about. Right now you can get the Ninja 4qt AF100 Air Fryer for just $69 at Best Buy (opens in new tab). That’s $20 off its usual price of $89 and one of the best air fryer deals we’ve seen all year. 

Ninja 4qt AF100 Air Fryer: was $89 now $69 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab)
This Ninja 4qt AF100 Air Fryer allows you to create delectable food that is perfectly crispy every time. It can reach temperatures of up to 400°F and is also great for dehydrating food. Plus, clean up is a breeze with dishwasher-safe parts. 

If you’ve not already experienced the joy of an air fryer, the small appliance can be used to fry food without all that bad-for-you fat. Unlike a deep fryer where food is submerged in boiling oil, an air fryer works like an extremely powerful convection oven with a fan circulating hot air around food letting it crisp up as it bakes. 

The Ninja 4qt AF100 Air Fryer is a great choice if you want to try out one of these popular appliances for the first time — or you’re looking to upgrade from a less powerful model. Its 4qt basket definitely isn’t the biggest on the market, but it can still fit up to 2lbs of French fries at once. 

Air fryers are also quite versatile devices and can do more than just crisp up chicken wings and nuggets. You can use this Ninja model to dehydrate food, allowing you to create homemade healthy snacks that are ideal for a bagged lunch or a mid-morning treat at work. 

The Ninja AF100 Air Fryer is also super easy to clean after use, its basket and crisper plate can be removed and are dishwasher safe. However, if you’re looking for a slightly bigger model make sure to look at some alternative options in our best air fryers tested and rated roundup. 

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