There's a big reason I'd buy Apple AirTags right now — and not just because they're only $23 for Amazon Cyber Monday deals

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I get it, sometimes you find yourself shopping for Cyber Monday Deals just for the sake of it, without any real motive. But there absolutely is a motive to buying AirTags right now when they're on sale for Cyber Monday. Holiday travel will be here before you know it, and an AirTag is the best way to keep track of your luggage during your journey.

Right now, the Apple AirTag is on sale for $23 at Amazon. That's just a few dollars off the normal $29 price, but it's the lowest price yet for Apple's keyfinders. For more savings, the Apple AirTag 4-pack is on sale for $79 on Amazon, which is a discount of $20. If you buy now, you'll have your AirTag (or multiple AirTags) in time for any holiday travel you have planned.

Apple AirTag: was $29 now $23 @ Amazon

Apple AirTag: was $29 now $23 @ Amazon
The Apple AirTag is an excellent key finder that is extremely easy to set up and does a great job of locating your valuables. What more could you ask for? This is the lowest price we've seen for Cyber Monday deals.

Apple AirTag (4-pack): was $99 now $79 @ Amazon

Apple AirTag (4-pack): was $99 now $79 @ Amazon
Why get a single AirTag when you can get a pack of four, so you have one for every bag? Save $20 on this set of AirTags during Cyber Monday. Bonus point if you put one in each of your family members' stockings. 

AirTags are small and discrete keyfinders, measuring just 1.26 inches across. You can easily toss them in a purse or backpack, and they're even thin enough to fit inside a wallet. 

But besides the usually items you use everyday, I think you'll want to get AirTags to put in your suitcase. Having experienced multiple luggage mishaps, especially during air travel, the ability to track down my bag with an AirTag gave me major peace of mind. 

Even if you're traveling by train or car, leaving an AirTag in your luggage will ensure you won't accidentally leave your bag behind (or someone else picks it up) with optional location-based notifications. And if you do get separated from your luggage, you can use the Find My app on your iPhone (iPhone 11 or newer) to track it down with a feature called Precision Finding. Once you're nearby, your AirTag will even emit a pinging sound. 

I opt to add a keychain case to my AirTags, so that I can hook them around the straps inside my suitcase and make sure they don't get mixed up with my dirty laundry. I like this Belkin Apple AirTag holder on sale for $9 at Amazon, though there are dozens of options to choose from. 

Cyber Monday deals are usually the best time to buy all Apple devices, but you might not necessarily need a new iPad or pair of AirPods. AirTags, however, are a must for travel and you don't want to wait until the week you're leaving for your trip to place your order. Be sure to check out our Apple Cyber Monday deals hub for more discounts and our Amazon Cyber Monday live blog for up-to-the-minute sales. 

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