Save 25% on Brooklyn Bedding’s best cooling mattress for hot sleepers

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Overheating in bed can really play havoc with how easily and quickly you fall asleep and, in turn, how well you sleep throughout the night without multiple wake ups. If your mattress retains too much heat you'll wake up often, so consider switching to a proper cooling bed. And right now you can save 25% on Brooklyn Bedding's best cooling mattress for hot sleepers, the Aurora Luxe hybrid. You can now save up to $667 on the Aurora Luxe and get fast and free shipping too, with a queen size reduced to $1,698 (was $2,65).

As we explain in our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress review, this 13" tall bed is the best mattress for people who are dealing with two of sleep's biggest disruptors: overheating and back pain. Our testers rated it highly for back support and relief from back pain, thanks to high levels of pressure relief. 

The GlacioTex cover, while pretty slippery on top of the Aurora Luxe mattress, does make this popular bed-in-a-box remain cool to the touch – no more searching for a cool spot. As a hybrid, the use of coils boosts airflow further as air moves in and around the coils to dissipate heat during the night. Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120-night trial, plus free shipping and returns. 

Aurora Luxe Cooling by Brooklyn Bedding

Aurora Luxe Cooling by Brooklyn Bedding
from $1,199
Now: from $899.30
Saving: Up to $666.20 at Brooklyn Bedding

Summary: With cooling features infused into five of its six different layers, the Aurora Luxe hybrid mattress is a dream for hot sleepers. Brooklyn Bedding's coolest mattress includes anti-microbial foam, cooling gel and phase change material in the cover, which is essential for dissipating heat and wicking away sweat to keep you dry and at the right temperature for sleeping. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora luxe is also available in three firmnesses – soft, medium and firm – making it ideal for most people regardless of sleeping position. The GlacioTex cooling cover does a lot of the heavy lifting at surface level, helping to remove excess heat from the very top of the bed to prevent you from sleeping hot. Naturally, as a hybrid bed the Aurora Luxe sleeps cooler than a pure memory foam mattress because it uses coil and foams – air flows better through and around coils, instead of getting trapped in layers of dense foam.

Benefits: 120 night trial | Free shipping | 10 year warranty

Price history: We see mattress sales from Brooklyn Bedding most months, with the average discount being around 20% off. That's pretty standard in the online mattress industry, so this slightly higher 25% off deal is a good buy. With it you'll get a queen size Aurora Luxe reduced to $1,698 (was $2,65), which makes it competitively priced compared to other temperature regulating hybrids such as the Saatva Classic (read our Saatva Classic mattress review for more).

Buy the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe if...

✅ 1. You want exceptional cooling without paying through the nose – this Brooklyn Bedding mattress has several features designed to regulate temperature during sleep, and at a fraction of the cost of premium cooling beds from the likes of Casper and Tempur-Pedic.

✅ 2. You prefer the feel of memory foam over springs mattresses – this medium firm bed provides exceptional comfort with good levels of firmness.

✅ 3. You need extra cushioning for pressure points – featuring foam that contours to your shape and sleep position, this mattress offers supreme comfort at the shoulders, hips and knees.

Don’t buy the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe if...

❌ 1. You prefer a longer sleep trial – while a 120-night sleep trial is plenty for most, if you want to test the mattress fully through the seasons then this might not be for you.

❌ 2. You want more bounce in your bed – the pure foam layers of the Bear Original Mattress offer great support, but if you’re after an airier bouncier feel, you might want to try the brand’s hybrid option.

❌ 3. You sleep hot – while the cooling cover and gel-infused foam take the edge of the heat, if you sleep very hot then a best cooling mattress is better.

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