One of our favorite Roombas is on sale for just $179

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Looking for affordable robot vacuum deals to get started on some cleaning this year? iRobot has one of the best sales around right now.

For a limited time, you can get the Roomba 694 for just $179 at iRobot . At $95 off, this is the lowest price we've ever seen for this great budget-friendly robot vacuum. It offers great cleaning power, geofencing, and scheduling options for a super-low price. And if it sells out, Amazon has the Roomba 694 for the same price.

Roomba 694 robot vacuum cleaner: was $274 now $179 @ iRobot

Roomba 694 robot vacuum cleaner: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">was $274 now $179 @ iRobot
This robot vacuum offers both style and function, getting the job done for a budget price. The Roomba 694 is easy to control through the app, and even offers geofencing, a feature that’s usually only found on more expensive robot vacuum cleaners. 

The Roomba 694 is currently the least expensive robot vacuum from iRobot, and it's just got even cheaper. At just $179, it won't hurt your budget if you're looking to upgrade from a traditional vacuum for the first time, and its also simple to set up and use for first-time robot vacuum owners.

Controlled through the iRobot home app, this robot vacuum can easily handle big messes like cereal and kitty litter. The vacuum automatically detects which areas of the floor need the most attention as it goes, meaning it can use power efficiently on less messy areas.

You can use the iRobot home app to schedule cleaning times, whether you want to clean only on certain days of the week or start cleaning when you leave the house. Don't want to use the app? You're in luck, as Alexa and Google Assistant support are built into this vacuum. In addition, some features such as spot cleaning can be activated using the controls directly on the vacuum. 

If you're still looking for your perfect vacuum, our list of the best robot vacuums will help you decide.

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