Epic SIM-only deal from Three offers 100GB of data for just £12 a month

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With mobile phone prices set to rise next month across all major providers, now is a good time to be hunting for a cheaper smartphone contract. SIM-only deals have always offered the best value for money, and we’ve spotted a real winner courtesy of Three. 

Right now you can get a SIM-only plan with 100GB of data and unlimited calls/texts for £12 a month at Three. With this plan you’ll almost never have to worry about going over your data limit again. Plus, you can use your data for hot spotting if you need to get another device online in a pinch. This deal is so good it’s even got a few of the Tom’s Guide staff considering switching over. 

SIM plan w/100GB of data: £12 per month @ Three

SIM plan w/100GB of data: £12 per month @ Three
This SIM-only plan from Three offers 100GB of data as well as unlimited calls/texts for just £12 a month. This 12-month contract also offers Go Roam for surfing the net abroad, plus it's 5G-ready and your data can be used via personal hotspots. 

This offer is one of Three’s 12 Month Advanced Plans. These not only offer 12-month contracts with loads of data and unlimited calls/texts but all plans are 5G-ready at no extra cost (you’ll need a 5G capable device, though). The SIM also comes with Go Roam, which allows you to use your phone abroad in certain countries without being charged extra fees. For just £12 a month, you’re getting a real wealth of features and extras. 

Of course, this is a SIM-only deal so you’re not getting a new phone as part of your contract. However, the SIM itself can be inserted into almost any smartphone. Assuming you already have a suitable device, then there’s really no reason to opt for anything but a SIM-only package, as that’s where the biggest bargains can be found.  

Three also offers a wide range of additional SIM-only deals. These include a package that gives you unlimited data for £10 a month for the first six months (the price then jumps to £21 for the rest of the 24-month contract). With most household bills set to rise over the coming months, now is the ideal time to get your phone contract down to a much more manageable price. 

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