Apple Black Friday sales event announced — what you need to know

Black Friday sales event at Apple
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Apple typically holds a Black Friday sales event every year, and 2023 will be no exception. The company unveiled the details for an Apple sales event that starts next Friday, November 24, and runs through Monday, November 27.

As I noted in my tips for finding Apple Black Friday deals, Apple's sale event doesn't feature the kind of discounted prices and doorbuster deals you'll find at other retailers. Instead, Apple offers gift cards when you purchase Apple products, with savings of up to $200 on future purchases with the company.

Apple Store Shopping Event: get $50 to $200 in gift cards @ Apple

Apple Store Shopping Event: get $50 to $200 in gift cards @ Apple
From November 24 to November 27, Apple holds its annual Black Friday event. Instead of discounted prices, you get gift cards for purchasing eligible items. Gift card values range from $50 to $200, with Macs fetching the biggest value.

For shoppers in the U.K, the gift cards range between £40 and £160. In Australia, Apple is offering gift cards between AU$80 and AU$320.

Just as with past events, the amount of the gift card you qualify for depends on the product you buy, with big-ticket items like Macs fetching the maximum return. Here's a breakdown of which products qualify for which gift cards during Apple's four-day sales event.

$200 Apple gift cards with purchase

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$100 Apple gift cards with purchase

iPad Pro 2022

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$75 Apple gift cards with purchase

iPhone 14

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$50 Apple gift cards with purchase

Apple Watch 9

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Apple continues to accept trade-ins of old Apple gear for credits on your new purchase, so that's an additional way to save during Apple's Black Friday event.

Apple's sale is worthwhile if you plan on buying a lot of Apple products down the road, as you can apply your gift card to those purchases. If you're looking for more immediate savings, though, the best Apple Black Friday deals are already underway, with MacBooks, Apple Watches and AirPods all seeing price cuts. Your best bet for iPhone deals continues to be through wireless carriers, many of which are reshuffling their deals for Black Friday.

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