Super Mario Bros. Crossover is Most Ingenious

If you've played any of Super Mario Bros. Crossover for any length of time, you'll come to the same conclusion that I did: Best. Flash. Game. Ever.

The Flash game is a result of Jay Pavlina's desire to make a game, and for his first effort ever at programming something – it's superlative. And now the amazing take on the classic is about to get upgraded with a ninja.

Super Mario Crossover Ryu Hayabusa

Check out an interview with the game's creator here.

And play this amazing game at Newgrounds.

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    I want this!
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    I want this!
  • fusion_gtx
    Great mod. It's crazy to see what some different moves brings to the game. The guys just destroys through everything with the new character.
  • phoenix777
    very well made video.