45 Best Amazon Alexa Skills

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Mike Prospero

Michael A. Prospero is the reviews editor at Laptop Mag and Tom’s Guide. When he’s not testing out the latest running watch, skiing or training for a marathon, he’s probably using the latest kitchen gadget.

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  • sabihondo
    Please don't use SLIDES for articles. It's really a time suck and not an easy way to read something.
  • bromberg
    Agreed - slides suck!
  • rutherfordpaul
    Concurred. If this is meant to be a reference it needs to be printable.
    Yes, I could do this frame-by-frame but that's too much hassle,
  • TJohn
    I really dislike the slide show model. It is so tedious and obviously a great tool to maximize ads. But I hate it.
  • ThisMay
    I agree also. Huge frustration with slides sites. I just click away and am now.
  • KRC
    Ditto. This is not an article, it's something horrible my dad used to pull out to make us watch old vacation pictures on a living room wall. Pictures are great and add a lot, but they are not the best way to communicate this type of information.
  • wizbang_fl
    Articles that force slides I just skip all together. They take far too long to load up with pop-over, pop-under, window shade, and other obtrusive advertising effects. I don't mind looking at ads, but when each slid has it's own 10 or 20 second ad and they cause the browser to hang due to poor programming of the advertising dev. It's just not worth even looking at your content. I have previously considered Tom's a much more reputable site that to stoop to the like of CNET.
  • Alan_103
    Hate slide lists. Please just dont.
  • Nei1
    I am totally delighted to come here to complain about the "slides, " and then find that a half dozen folks beat me to the punch.

    If it were a single webpage, I could keep tapping the keyboard's arrow-key to scroll the entire article. Requiring us to click on the arrow-image for 46(!) slides is a bother, requiring aiming and zeroing the mouse, much more annoying than just tapping on the keyboard's arrow. In case of argument, we're not on dial-up anymore, so continue including the pretty pictures. (Prefer pictures without tracking gizmos.)

    Wiz-Bang wrote:
    > I don't mind looking at ads, but when each slide has it's own 10 or 20 second ad and they cause the browser to hang due to poor programming of the advertising dev...

    He's pretty smart. In my case, the ads gotta be delivered real discreetly for me to "not mind" seeing them.

    Those ads are like webmasters sabotaging their own content. I don't understand why the article-content can't be delivered first, and if the ad takes 10 or 20 seconds to be delivered, that shouldn't delay us from seeing the article, and why would that be a problem for the advertiser?

    Anyway, this exercise was so interesting, I lost interest in the article. It doesn't help that the first example provided by Slide 1 is for ordering a rent-a-car, and if that's the most significant example, I assume it's all downhill from there. I don't have a virtual assistant, so no big loss.

    Since all the marketing about virtual assistants, the first question for me has always been, "Can't I get my regular computer to do that?"
  • Thomas_236
    a better model for this sort of thing is ADOBE PDF