Give Me Games! Episode 2: PlayStation Now or Never?

Give Me Games! Ep. 2

Give Me Games! is back to deliver your biweekly dose of gaming news, but this week, we're mostly grieving over how game publishers are trying to drain our wallets.

Kicking things off is a discussion about the upcoming Resident Evil remake, which we're not quite sure we want to play for the fifth or sixth time, even if they are on our fancy new-generation consoles. Has the age of the HD revamp reached its tipping point?

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After that, we dish out our thoughts on PlayStation Now and EA Access, two digital-subscription services that aim to bring Netflix-style binging to your PS4 and Xbox One, respectively. Both of these services have some nice perks for players, but we don't know if we can justify spending even more recurring fees to play games, especially when neither program seems worth the price yet.

Once the emotional dust settles, we talk about what we've been playing lately. Sherri gushes on Dragon's Crown, Marshall's been glued to Defense Grid, and I've personally been stuck on Strider and The Walking Dead.

You can stream Give Me Games! in the media player above, or stream and download the episode for free on SoundCloud.

Give Me Games! Episode 2 Cast
Mike Andronico (@MikeAndronico)
Sherri Smith (@Misssmith11)
Marshall Honorof (@MarshallHonorof)

Edited by Alex Cranz

Mike Andronico is an Associate Editor at Tom's Guide. When he's not writing about games, PCs and iOS, you can usually catch him playing Street Fighter. Follow Mike @MikeAndronico and on Google+. Follow us @TomsGuide, on Facebook and on Google+

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  • Zand1s
    can't see the video it's a black screen
  • JeanLuc
    I don't know if anyone recalls but about 6 years ago Toms used to have a weekly gaming show that came out every Friday. It was my lunch time highlight then some bright spark went and cancelled it.
  • ubercake
    I get the same black screen as Zand1s (with audio).