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Best Gaming Mice 2014

Best Gaming Mice 2014

Every gamer needs a trusty sidekick. Whether you built your own rig, bought a prebuilt gaming notebook or desktop, or have your eye on an upcoming Steam Machine, you'll want a high-quality gaming mouse to give you an edge. Today's gaming mice are more customizable than ever, featuring lots of programmable buttons, multiple user profiles and even adjustable weights.

No mouse is right for every gamer, however, and which one you'll need depends on both your gaming habits and your budget. Here are some of 2014's best gaming mice, sure to suit the needs of armchair generals, online adventurers and twitchy sharpshooters alike.

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    GoodfavMagazine , July 31, 2014 11:53 PM
    I assume you've used Logitech's software to adjust the sensitivity levels, right? That should fix your problem .Here are another Best Gaming Mouse from
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