Best Gaming Mice 2016

When it comes to gaming mice, gamers are spoiled for choice. Whether you play first-person shooters (FPS), real-time-strategy (RTS) games, massively multiplayer online (MMO) games or anything you can get your hands on, there's a mouse that suits your needs.

If you want a mouse that can play anything and everything, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum ($80 MSRP) is about as good as it gets. With well-spaced buttons, a comfortable design and top-of-the-line software, the Proteus Spectrum is, hands-down, the best all-around gaming mouse on the market.

Other mice focus on particular genres, such as FPS or MMO, or cater to gamers who have wireless living-room setups. Those who don't want to wrangle with complicated software, for example, may want to check out the Turtle Beach Grip 300, while those who can't get enough of multiplayer online battle arena games, such as League of Legends, should look into the Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime.

How We Test Gaming Mice

When we receive a new gaming mouse, we plug it into a gaming rig to evaluate how difficult it is to set up the mouse and install its software (if there is any). From there, we investigate how to create multiple profiles, assign button commands, tweak lighting options and set dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity settings.

Most important, we run the mouse through at least four games across a variety of genres to evaluate where it excels and falls short. Generally, we use a mouse for at least two days to get a good idea of how comfortable it feels.

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  • Joped
    I strongly disagree with the Naga because it has too many buttons in the wrong way. They are all flat and hard to select the correct one in the heat of the battle. I have one and have been very dissatisfied with it since purpose.

    I like the approach that logitech took with the g600. Each of the rows of buttons has a valley for tactile feedback.

    I found this article because I started searching for an alternative.
  • TayburrFripper
    I think the Logitech G600 should be there instead of the Naga. The Naga is alright i suppose, until the mouse stops clicking properly and the scroll wheel fails. the thing is made like crap. the G600 from logitech is much better build quality and has the same number of buttons which are actually easier to use. also, the LED can change to any color, which EVERY single device with an LED should be able to do. What are we, savage cavemen?
  • Mechlior
    I, on the other hand, think the Naga is where it should be. I would argue that their review of the Naga is wrong in that I can claw grip it just fine and I find that I still use my 1-12 buttons on most the games I play. I've had my Naga since 2010, where it survived 9 months in Afghanistan, and it's still going strong.

    Once you get used to the placement, the buttons on the side are not hard to find at all and become second nature. I can't remember the last time I pressed 6 instead of 9.

    The only genre i would say this mouse is overkill for is FPS, because they don't use very many buttons. Even so, there isn't another mouse that can compare to the Naga for use in MMO's and "skill" based games (abilities, magic, so on and so forth)
  • terminalopacity
    I own G700 and it is starting to show symptoms of double-clicking and de-clicking without a reason. Just like my friend's G700 and just like my previous Logitech. No more Logitech for me.
  • DonQuixoteMC
    I have a hard time taking the FPS mouse recommendation seriously considering the games they tested it with. Good all-purpose article otherwise.
  • Jackson Cantin
    Calling a laser mouse the best FPS mouse over both the G502 and Deathadder absolutely takes all credibility from this article
  • Mark Albiar
    Again, overlooked is the Ttesports Theron!
  • Merilyian
    Also check out the DeathAdder Chroma. It goes perfectly with the best rated (and I absolutely agree) gaming keyboard, the Black Widow Ultimate (or Chroma as they are statistically identical) through Razer Synapse which allows you to configure your stuffs. This is convenient as you don't have to download loads of drivers and installers. The mouse is amazing due to it's 10,000 dpi which can blow most of these mice out of the water, and I personally believe that two side buttons are optimal, unlike the Razer Naga, which is just a tad ridiculous with twelve. The DAC also looks and feels amazing both physically and digitally.
  • Shivi11
    Can anybody please recommend a good wired mouse for Lefties? I do not want it's orientation for Right handers. The Roccat Kova and other got few buttons on left hand side which make it inconvenient for Lefties.
  • Heretic Wild
    I'm on my 3rd Razer Imperator 2012 and this one, like the previous ones, suffers from the dreaded double click issue...unfortunately, my warranty has run out. My Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard is fantastic. But I won't waste money on their mice anymore...looking for a suitable replacement.
    I also have a Deathadder 2013. I bought this on 8/24/14 and it is already symptomatic of the famous failed copper spring in the left click actuator (double clicking issue). I just managed to get Razer to finally send me a shipping label to replace it today, its still well under warranty. The mouse is very comfortable and is a good fit for most peoples hands, but its manufacturing quality however is questionable at best. It is significantly lighter than its previous models and comes with a pronounced made in china sticker that hints at the durability of the internal components. The only way I even got a productive response from Razers customer service after a month of attempting to get them to reasonably work with me was to obtain the customer service number that they try very hard to keep off of their website, and call them with a recorded log of the emails and warranty terms from their department. Once it was clear to them that ignoring me was not a viable option, things fell into place. My overall consensus is a very well designed, but poorly constructed mouse. It also happens to be made by a company that clearly knows what its doing, but does not hold its customers satisfaction in high regard. So buyer beware.
    PS- Razer customer service- 1-888-697-2037. In case anyone is ignored as much as I was.
  • Ninjawithagun
    Bottom line --> anything made by Razer is either grossly overpriced, very cheap (and crappy) build quality, or both. I will NEVER buy another Razer product ever again.
  • loki1944
    Razer Death Adder: 1 year until it died
    Razer Taipan: 1 year until it died
    Razer Orborous: DOA.
    RAT 7 #1: 1 month until it died
    RAT 7#2: still going after a year
    RAT 9: starting to die after a year
  • DemizeGamer
    MX518 fit better in my hand
  • Brogan
    They're all wired? WTF

    Why would anyone want to use a wired mouse... in 2015??
  • Daisy81
    They are wired because they are gaming mice. It ensures that when you click a button it reacts. There is no signal interference or chance of the mouse dining during the game. That said wireless on it's own is ok as long as the device is good. The Razer Naga Epic Chromo is wireless but can run in wired mode while charging or be charged in the included dock. It's a slick mouse.
  • Musky
    Hi , I just wanted to say there. Many people doesn't know but the G402 has a better shape than the G502. A shape similar to the MX518, G500, G400 and sooo... The mouse clicks are also better than the G502. The G502 is hard for the hand because the left click is higher than the right and much higher than the G402, G500, MX518 shape. I don't think the G502 or M65 deserve to have the first place since both of those mice are not comfortable at all. They have the features but not the shape. The G402 has the shape for the old Microsoft IE and MX518 users. The old MX620 has the shape and weight for palm grip. The old LX3, LX7 has the shape for palm or fingers grip too but bad clicks and sensors. Even if we can lift the G502 easily or cannot destroy the M65 it is not the perfect design. I'm not sure they tested every models out there. :D
  • tabarus
    Looks like that bouncing Left Mouse Button is nowadays common?
    I got 2 Times a Logitech Anywhere Mouse replaced because of its broken left button.

    Logitech got that error and Razer as well ?

    So which Mouse does not suffer from that Left Mouse Button Double Click issue ?

    Maybe the Lioncast Gaming LM30 ?
  • Edwardw35
    Thanks for your opinion, these are nice mouse....
  • Elvis_Marmaduke
    Did you even test the Zowies?