Apple Working with Hospitals to Improve HealthKit App

Apple is making a serious commitment to health with iOS 8, and it isn't stopping at a basic software level. The iPhone maker is reportedly in talks with hospitals such as Mount Sinai, Johns Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic to discuss how information it will store in its HealthKit app can be used to better serve consumers.

This was reported by Reuters, which spoke with sources close to the matter. While reps for Apple, Mount Sinai and Johns Hopkins did not provide comment, Cleveland Clinic executive William Morris confirmed the hospital's clinical solutions team is testing a beta version of HealthKit and providing Apple with feedback. 

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Unveiled at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year, HealthKit aggregates all the data from the variety of health and fitness apps and trackers you might use. When iOS 8 becomes publicly available later this year, you'll be able to take HealthKit's stored information to your healthcare provider the next time you go for a checkup.

At the June event, Apple only announced Mayo Clinic and Epic Systems (a provider of technology for a number of hospitals across the country) as partners. This recent report could mean more hospitals around the nation would support HealthKit.

Health and fitness monitoring is also expected to be a huge component of Apple's long-rumored iWatch. The wristband is said to carry onboard biometric sensors to help keep track of personal metrics, such as steps taken and pulse rate, and all that information could be aggregated by HealthKit. Apple is expected to reveal the purported iWatch in September, along with a next-generation iPhone.

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