Banning Google Glass? There's a Site For That

A Tom's reader by the name of Adam sent over an email about a new website called NoGlass! As the name implies, it centers on Google Glass, the search engine giant's upcoming augmented reality specs, and where these specs -- and similar devices -- are actually banned. He said the site is the result of a recent article stating that a Seattle bar has banned the use of Google Glass.

"After reading your article about a restaurant owner banning the use of Google Glass, I came up with an idea for a website that will list any place in the world that bans wearable computers like Google Glass," he said. "The site I hope will attract people who will contribute to the site and hopefully one day people will have a resource to go to and see if a certain place is on the list."

Earlier this month Dave Meinert, the owner of Seattle, Washington-based bar 5 Point Café, turned to Facebook to announce that Google Glass was not allowed inside, and that "ass kickings will be encouraged for violators." He said it's a private establishment, and patrons don't want to be filmed.

"I’m a thought leader,” Meinert said. "First you have to understand the culture of the 5 Point, which is a sometimes seedy, maybe notorious place. People want to go there and be not known … and definitely don’t want to be secretly filmed or videotaped and immediately put on the Internet."

The new NoGlass! website acknowledges that the future holds promise of innovative technology, that the era of wearable computers is really here. But does anyone want to be on the wearer's live video feed while in a private establishment like the 5 Point Café? Of course not.

"The mission is simple. To contribute to a free and open-source list of places that dis allows the use of wearable computers," the site reads. "To add your business or place to the list please use the submit button to add a place to the list, then feel free to print the logo and place it in a conspicuous place so that others know that wearable computers are discouraged."

To submit a listing or to see if an establishment has joined the NoGlass! list, head here.


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  • guzami77
    You guys realize how much more website traffic and publicity this Cafe has gotten... this was a genius play for business.
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  • jonnyrb
    I dislike this idea and believe it's stunting innovation. "Wearable computers" so is my cellphone in a holster a wearable computer? I can take candid pics any time.
  • killerclick
    I agree with the concerns over being covertly recorded, but they're fighting a losing battle. Cameras and wearable computers are only getting smaller, plus unless they're banning cellphones, you can already record a video relatively inconspicuously (just pretend you're talking on the phone).
  • evilsizer
    When I get these, I'm going to have them with a prescription.Try and stop me Albertsons, Winn-Dixie, or 5 Point Cafe'. You cannot require someone to have a spare pair of glasses. You also cannot require someone to remove their glasses to enter your establishment when they are required to see. It would be like not allowing someone with a service dog into your establishment. It will be interesting to watch companies try to prevent us from wearing these.