Self-Publishing for Indies on 360 Could be Coming in August

Microsoft recently announced that it would be changing its policies about self-publishing on Xbox Live. Previously, the company announced that it would be continuing its policy of not allowing indie companies to self-publish moving forward into the next console generation. However, Nintendo and Sony already both adopted the much more indie-friendly option, and to stay competitive, Microsoft changed its mind. 

Now, according to FarSight Studios, the developer of The Pinball Arcade, Microsoft may be allowing studios to self-publish as early as August. Unfortunately, there isn't any other evidence to confirm the developer's claim, as Microsoft announced that it wouldn't be revealing any more about its policies until Gamescom, which runs August 21 - August 25, 2013. 

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  • A little late for that, dont you think, MS?
  • Err, never too late, regardless of the blatant fanboism round here the XB1 will still sell boatloads and indie devs will still make titles for it - bore off
  • Fanboi, they give you what you want and still find a way to moan about it - bore off