Save up to $2,190 on Casper's top cooling bed in the best mattress sale I’ve seen this Memorial Day

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If you're a hot sleeper looking for a cooling bed ahead of summer, I've found the perfect Memorial Day mattress sale for you. This weekend, you can now get 35% off the Snow Max Hybrid Mattress at Casper, with a queen-size down to $2,430 (was $3,745).

The Snow Max Hybrid Mattress has now replaced the Wave Hybrid Snow mattress as Casper's best mattress for hot sleepers, offering advanced cooling tech and breathable hybrid design. It also features zoned ergonomic support for a body-cradling feel and contouring memory foam for comfort. 

While this luxury cooling bed still carries a premium price tag in the Memorial Day mattress sales, this is still the best deal I've ever seen on the Snow Max, as it has previously been 20-30% off. It also comes with free delivery, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty. 

Snow Max Cooling Hybrid Mattress:Was:Now: Saving:up to $2,190 at Casper

Snow Max Cooling Hybrid Mattress:
Was: from $3,125
Now: from $2,030
Saving: up to $2,190 at Casper
After Casper revamped its mattress range, the Casper Snow Max replaced the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow as its best cooling mattress. While we haven't had chance to test out this new addition, we did test out the Wave Hybrid Snow. In our Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress review, we found the original cooling bed to deliver advanced temperature control, so this new upgrade will likely offer even more advanced cooling. Its packed with cutting-edge cooling tech including a heat-dissipating cover made from Phase Change Material and the brand's HeatDelete Bands which remove excess body heat. On top of these cooling features, the hybrid design boasts pocketed Flex Coils to not only add breathability but also support and motion isolation. 

Benefits: Free shipping | 100-night sleep trial | 10-year warranty.

Price History: The Casper mattress sale on this mattress has gradually become bigger this year. Throughout the Presidents' Day sales back in February, the Snow Max was 20% off. This deal carried into March, becoming 25% off in April. In early May, the deal suddenly became 30% off, and is now 35% off for Memorial Day.

What is a cooling mattress?

A cooling mattress is any bed designed to keep the sleeper cooler throughout the night. If you're wondering whether cooling mattresses really stop overheating, this can depend on the cooling tech used and how advanced it is. For example airflow systems such as perforated foam and coils or springs add breathability, with cool-touch fabrics such as the trademark GlacioTex fabric or heat-dissipating Phase Change Material providing a cool-to-the-touch sleep surface. The best smart beds can also double as cooling mattresses, thanks to advanced, high-tech cooling features. 

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