5 Good WYSIWYG Editors for Coders

WYSIWYG editors render your code as they appear on a web browser. These editors have a user-friendly point-and-click interface that help web programmers visualize their code as they go, although most prefer a totally text based editing system. However, Lifehacker has a good lineup of WYSIWYG editors, with pros and cons worth considering. The list:

 -The open-source favorite Kompozer

 -Industry giant Adobe Dreamweaver

 -iWeb from Apple's iLife bundle

 -Expression Web, Microsoft's way of saying sorry for Frontpage

 -Flux, a well-regarded upstart Mac WYSIWYG

Personally, I'd go for Kompozer basically because it's free. As a programmer myself, I respect software licenses and the fees that may come with proprietary software. Given time, any programmer worth his salt will just need a pen and paper to sketch a layout on, then directly write the code for it. In the meantime, he can save enough money for a better, more coding-oriented IDE.

Have any editors you like? Let us know in the comments!