The LG V20 Is Coming: Find the Best Deal

The LG V20 arrives Oct. 28, bringing dual rear cameras, a trio of mics for recording high quality audio to go with your video and a 5.7-inch Quad HD display. If that sounds like the kind of phone you want — especially with its big-screen rival the Galaxy Note 7 now pulled from the market — you've got plenty of options for ordering LG's latest phone.

All four U.S. carriers are taking preorders for the LG V20, throwing in a few extras to get you to buy from them. But which carrier's offer is the most attractive?

In truth, three of the four carriers are offering pretty similar deals. AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will each give you up to a $200 credit when you trade-in your current phone for a V20. They'll also give you the chance to pick up some free Bang & Olufsen H3 headphones with your phone order.

You can also pick up a free tablet from those carriers, too, though that perk requires you to sign a two-year service agreement. If you're still interested in that offer, Sprint's offering the HP Slate 10-inch tablet, AT&T has the LG G Pad X 10.1, and T-Mobile features the LG G Pad X 8.

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Verizon's V20-related offer is a bit more modest: Order LG's latest phone and you can add an LG Stylo 2 V smartphone for $1 a month over 24 months. At the moment, Verizon is also offering to waive the $20 activation fee for the V20, though that appears to be a limited-time offer.

Instead, Verizon looks to compete on price. At $672, it's offering the V20 for the lowest price if you buy the phone outright. If you prefer monthly payments, you'll pay $28 a month for the V20 from Verizon.

LG V20 at Verizon

AT&T offers a lower monthly payment at $27.67 a month, but you'll be making those payments for 30 months. AT&T charges the highest price of any carrier for the LG V20 at $829.99 to buy the phone outright.

LG V20 at AT&T

You'll save $60 on the price if you go with T-Mobile, which is selling the V20 for $769.99. To buy the phone in installments, you'll need to put up $49.99 up front; monthly payments will run you $30 after that for the next 24 months. Jump On Demand customers don't have to put any money money down, but they'll pay $34 a month over 18 months.

LG V20 at T-Mobile

Sprint has the widest array of options for LG V20 customers. You can buy the phone outright at $792 or make 24 monthly payments of $33. (A trade-in lowers your installment plan to monthly payments of $24.67.) Sprint also offers a 2-year contract which brings the subsidized cost of the V20 down to $349.99 after a mail-in rebate, though you'll pay more in monthly access fees if you go this route.

LG V20 at Sprint

We'll post our full review of the LG V20 shortly.

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