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The Volvo 360c Is the Self-Driving Car of Your Dreams

People don’t trust autonomous cars. So what happens when you take the steering wheel away completely?

You get the the Volvo 360C concept.

The car, introduced this morning at its Swedish headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, is being touted as an alternative to shorter airline flights. Because with this, Volvo says, instead of waiting in security lines and dealing with incessant delays, you will be lazying around having tea reading the latest Woodward book on Trump.

You can even sleep in the main cabin, complete with a blanket that has a safety harness.

The company is betting on its legendary rigorous safety standards to try convince you that, inside the belly of this silver whale, you will be comfy and safe from any harm.

Volvo is also thinking that this car will not only be available for individuals but for car sharing companies, which are especially popular in cities all across Europe, with companies like eMov (which uses Citroen cars), Car2Go (which uses Smart), and Zity (Renault). The company believes that a car like the 360c will be a great way to travel anywhere and skip the airplane or the train to travel between cities while you lounge inside.

Well, they are not mistaken. Airports are a nightmare, and train stations are not far behind. Perhaps Volvo’s safety clout will do the trick and convince everyone that it’s ok to entrust your delicate human body inside an AI-driven machine.

As reported by CNET, Volvo says that the 360c will be smart enough to interact with pedestrians and other vehicles. Intead of a mere blinker, the vehicle will employ a series a series of lights and sounds to indicate its intentions.

It’s only a matter of time before something like Volvo 360c vision materializes all around the world. And, as a lazy non-millenial myself, I can’t wait for it to happen.

Photo Credits: Volvo