The Blanket That Absorbs Farts

Looks like flatulence is a leading cause for divorce in the United States, as the marketers of The Better Marriage Blanket would have you believe. Made with "the same type of fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons", this blanket promises to filter out the odor badness from farts, leaving clean air and saving your spouse's nose from evil smells. The "active carbon fiber" layer is fabric high-tech at work, made friendly for the consumer market.

Seriously? Yes, women all over (and perhaps some men?) suffer from when their loved one breaks wind. But if your husband or wife can't stand your fart smell, then there's something genuinely wrong with your marriage. For better or worse, people. Also, wouldn't giving the Better Marriage Blanket as an anniversary or wedding gift—as suggested by the makers—send the wrong message? "Hey, we think your farts are terrible, here's a thoughtful gift from me!"

Whatever the case, do you really have to pay at least $120 (for a twin-sized blanket) for this "solution"? Personally, avoiding nocturnal flatulence is a simple matter of doing the dirty deed before hitting the sack.

Official Better Marriage Blanket Website