Steam Greenlights 100 New Titles — Including 'Doctor Who'

October 2013 has been an incredibly rich month for Steam Greenlight, the service that lets users vote on their favorite indie titles to see which one merits a place on Valve's digital distribution platform. Steam's Oct. 31 update has added 100 new games, bringing the Greenlight total to 159 for the month.

If you don't know the process, here's how it works: Developers submit their games (and occasional pieces of nongame software) to Greenlight, and fans vote for their favorite ones. Steam then tallies up the votes, curates the results and picks which titles get a spot on the platform.

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Keep in mind that these 100 titles are in varying degrees of development, and will become available on Steam as developers finish them:

  • "12TailsOnline": a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Thailand

  • "3079 -- An Action RPG": an open-world sci-fi action/RPG
  • "99 Spirits": an RPG/puzzle hybrid based on Japanese folklore
  • "A Mass of Dead": an action game where you fight zombies with upgradeable weapons
  • "A.N.N.E.": an old-school space shooter with RPG elements
  • "After Reset RPG": a postapocalyptic RPG in the vein of "Fallout"
  • "ALLBenchmark Catzilla": not a game, but benchmarking software to rate PC requirements
  • "Ballpoint Universe: Infinite": a side-scroller with scanned ballpoint pen drawings as graphics
  • "Battle Fortress Tortoise": a third-person shooter in which you ride a giant tortoise into battle
  • "Beast Boxing Turbo": a fighting game where a woman must battle monstrous boxers
  • "Cannons Lasers Rockets": a multiplayer space combat game
  • "Cardinal Quest II": a retro hack-and-slash action game
  • "Castaway Paradise": a life simulator with quirky animal townspeople
  • "Cloudbuilt": a parkour-based action game that challenges you to race through levels
  • "Colonies Online": a strategy game where you explore and colonize new worlds
  • "Cornerstone, the Song of Tyrim": an action/adventure game in the vein of "The Legend of Zelda"
  • "Dead Sky": a survival-horror game that pits you against a zombie horde
  • "Deadly 30": a survival-horror game where you must survive 30 days against zombies
  • "Deckadance": not a game, but a professional-grade DJ mixing application
  • "Doctor Who: The Adventure Games": an adventure game series originally hosted on the BBC website

  • "Drifter": an open-world sci-fi game with procedurally generated worlds
  • "Enamel": an action/RPG in a dark, sci-fi setting
  • "Epic Battle Fantasy 4": a retro Japanese-style RPG
  • "Eryi's Action": a traditional side-scroller with bright, colorful graphics
  • "Eschalon: Book III": the final installment in the acclaimed indie RPG series
  • "Estranged: Act I": a story-driven "Half-Life 2" mod
  • "Everworld Island": a co-op multiplayer game with both combat and simulation aspects
  • "Fading Hearts": a Japanese dating simulator
  • "Festival of Magic": a Japanese-style RPG with old-school sensibilities
  • "Finding Teddy": a point-and-click adventure game with handmade graphics
  • "Fistful of Frags": a Wild West-themed first-person shooter
  • "Flowstorm": a racing game where aerial combat takes center stage
  • "GoD Factory: Wingmen": a multiplayer space combat game
  • "Gun Disassembly 2": not a game, but a gun assembly simulator
  • "Half-Life: Before": a "Half-Life" mod that acts as a prequel to the original game
  • "Hero of the Kingdom": an adventure game that lets you take on a plethora of quests
  • "Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead": an RPG that parodies the conventions of the genre
  • "I Shall Remain": a third-person action game with grotesque enemies and horror trappings
  • "": an online racing game that simulates real cars and racing circuits
  • "Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery": a point-and-click adventure game with a humorous bent
  • "Jets'n'Guns": a sci-fi side-scrolling shoot-'em-up with nods to "R-Type"
  • "Last Knight": a 2D platformer with a focus on ragdoll physics and 2D jousting
  • "Loren The Amazon Princess": a fantasy RPG with an intriguing female protagonist
  • "Lost Saga": a retro 2D action game that lets you swap between 60 characters
  • "Luminesca": a low-key exploration game with gorgeous underwater environments
  • "Magicite": an old-school multiplayer RPG with a procedurally generated world
  • "Mines of Mars": a mining game with a dark, sci-fi storyline and procedural content generation
  • "Molten Sky": a flight combat game with a near-future political storyline
  • "Montas": a first-person survival-horror game with a minimalist story
  • "Nightrealm Tales": a first-person competitive multiplayer game with a melee combat focus
  • "Nimble Quest": a tower defense game that pits a party of heroes against endless enemies
  • "OddPlanet": a dark side-scroller about a little girl trapped in a frightening world

  • "Oozi: Earth Adventure": a retro side-scroller with hand-drawn visuals and low difficulty
  • "Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion": an irreverent take on cooperate hack-and-slash games
  • "Our Darker Purpose": an action/RPG with a high difficulty curve and horror elements
  • "Paper Monsters": a 2D platformer with characters made of household goods
  • "Parallax": a first-person platformer with a focus on solving puzzles
  • "Particulars": an action/puzzle game with a focus on physics
  • "Pirate Galaxy": a strategy game focusing on tactical starship combat
  • "Platformines": an action platformer with RPG elements and exploration
  • "Private Infiltrator": a stealth game set in a film noir atmosphere
  • "Probability 0": an arcade game where you level up abilities and fight endless enemies
  • "Pulse": a first-person exploration game with colorful, otherworldly graphics
  • "Purge": a first-person stealth game with a focus on parkour
  • "Race to Mars": a sci-fi simulation game where colonizing Mars is the goal
  • "The Real Texas": an action/adventure game set in an alternate universe Texas

  • "Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages": a space combat simulator with RPG elements
  • "Rogue's Tale": an RPG with turn-based combat and dungeon exploration
  • "Rollers of the Realm": a pinball game with a fantasy setting and RPG mechanics
  • "Savant – Ascent": an action game where you play as a wizard who fights robots
  • "Science Girls": a Japanese-style RPG starring a group of schoolgirls
  • "Shaun the Sheep – Home Sheep Home 2": a kids' puzzle game starring the popular British TV character
  • "Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe": an air hockey simulator with a comedic sci-fi storyline
  • "Spintires": a driving simulator that focuses on off-road vehicles
  • "StageLight": not a game, but instead beginner-level software to compose and create music
  • "Sub Rosa": a multiplayer first-person shooter with a focus on intrigue and car chases
  • "Suguri Collection": a collection of two side-scroller games from the popular mobile series
  • "Survivor Squad": a tactical action game where you control four survivors during the apocalypse
  • "Tales of Maj'Eyal": an old-school fantasy RPG with a high difficulty curve
  • "The Escapists": a strategic action game where you organize a prison break
  • "The Mandate": a sci-fi RPG where you command a starship and recruit new crewmembers
  • "The Red Solstice": a 2D co-op shooter with randomized missions and loot
  • "The Somme": a first-person shooter set during a key World War I battle
  • "The Yawhg": an adventure game with a branching, randomized story
  • "Tom vs The Armies of Hell": a third-person action game full of humor and bizarre weapons
  • "Tower of Guns": a shooter with a high difficulty curve and randomized elements
  • "Trash TV": a puzzle game where you play as a television in a dangerous junkyard
  • "Two Brothers": an action/adventure game in the style of a classic Game Boy title
  • "Vanguard Princess": a fighting game with a Japanese aesthetic and story
  • "Void Destroyer": a hybrid space combat/real-time strategy game with a sci-fi setting
  • "Will to Survive": a survival game where you must build a base in real-time to fend off aliens
  • "Wings of Vi": a retro platformer that casts you as a fireball-wielding angel
  • "Worlds of Magic": a strategy game that lets you do battle in a fantasy world
  • "WorldShift": a hybrid MMORPG/real-time strategy game with a sci-fi setting
  • "XING: The Land Beyond": a first-person exploration game all about poetry

  • "Xyson: Prelude": an MMORPG that takes place in a postapocalyptic fantasy world
  • "You Are Not The Hero": an action/RPG where you evade monsters rather than fight them
  • "Zigfrak": an action/RPG in a sci-fi setting that focuses on exploration and loot
  • "Zombeer": a first-person shooter where you fight zombies, but can also transform into one

Steam has no preset limits for how many games it can Greenlight, or how many times per month it can do it. Keep an eye on the Greenlight page for future updates.

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