5 Ways to Save Money By Using Tech

Most of us probably see technology as an added expense. Internet connections have become a must-have at home, and they require monthly upkeep. New gadgets that promise to make our lives easier convince us to open up our wallets, lest we get left behind. But technology can also help us save money as well. Even small savings add up to significant amounts over time, extra money we can save or invest for a rainy day. Here are 5 ways to save through tech:

Shop Online

A lot of products need trying out in person before the sale is concluded. But many others can be bought with confidence online. You can also find the lowest price without spending money on fuel and parking for a trip to the mall, or driving all over town to find that great deal.

Use Digital Distribution

Unless your net connection is horrendously slow, buying games and apps through digital distribution channels is usually a great way to save money. Vendors like Steam regularly offer good discounts, and bundle several products under one low price. And like online retail, you're freed from a trip to the mall.

Stop Using Optical Discs

Blank CDs and DVDs are cheap, especially in bulk. Yet the cost of sustained use adds up. Use a media player to take full advantage of the auxiliary-in on your car radio, stereo, speaker set, etc. And if your gadget has TV-out, maximize it. That way, when you've got some new music or video to play, you won't need to burn them on a new disc.

Go Second-Hand

Many auto enthusiasts we know ironically pay only for second-hand rides. They understand that a car loses half it's value once you drive it off the showroom. The same applies to gadgets. Instead of splurging on the latest toy, why not settle for a previous--and well-tested--generation?

Bank Online

Like relying on digital distribution and online retail, online banking saves you trips. A good online banking service saves you from a city-wide commute, allowing you to manage your finances and pay bills from the comfort of your home. You also stay aware of just how much money you have, a good way to avoid living beyond your means. 

How do You Save Money Through Tech?

Of course, there are cases when the tips above can backfire. We've known one or two gamers who've bought Steam games left and right, running up their credit card bills. But any method requires proper execution, and a little common sense. What about you? How do you use tech to save online? Feel free to share your wisdom through a comment or two below.

Image: alancleaver on Flickr

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