How to Report Bullying and Abuse on YouTube

YouTube brought online video into the spotlight. With just a quick search, you can watch movie trailers, learn to fix your kitchen sink, listen to music or tune in to someone’s personal video blog. Never has so much video been so widely available.

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But when anyone can upload video, people can use it to say whatever they want and make it public — even if it's bullying or harassment. Luckily, YouTube’s tools to report bad behavior, whether it's an abusive video or comment, are easy to access at the bottom of every video.

When dealing with cyber bullying or harassment, teens should notify an adult, parent or guardian whom they trust; if necessary, notify local law enforcement.

Here’s how to report cyber bullying and harassment on YouTube:

Report a Video

1. Click the “⚫⚫⚫ More” option next to the Share button underneath the name of the video's creator.

2. Select Report from the drop-down menu.

3. Choose “Hateful or abusive content” from the list of issues.

4. Pick bullying from the drop-down menu.

5. Add details, including the time in the video when the bullying occurs and any extra relevant information.

6. Click submit. You’ll get a confirmation.

Report a Comment

1. Click the three vertical dots by the comment and select "Report spam or abuse."

2. Choose "Harassment or bullying" and "This is harassing me."

3. Confirm that you want to report the user.

If online abuse is causing you to have suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

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  • Missouri
    Um, they DON'T CARE on YouTube. They only "get involved" if THEY feel it's abuse. Have you tried reporting serious abuse and bulling on YouTube lately? They keep the comments up no matter how racist, cruel, abusive or inflammatory. EVERYTHING is seen as "petty" in their eyes so good luck with reporting on YouTube. YouTube is in it for the money. Nothing else.
  • Missouri
    And they also don't care on Twitter. Targeted harassment is ALLOWED. There's a user that harasses, insults, belittles and tosses racial slurs at Black women day and night and STILL has an account on both networks. She HAS BEEN reported SEVERAL times(trust me) yet still she stands. Who's to say one of those women she goes after might not end up committing suicide? God forbid, but if it DOES happen, YouTube and Twitter have themselves to blame. What do they stand to gain by KEEPING users who harass people in their communities? SMH

    (mod edit: removed names)