Razer Phone 2 Is AT&T Exclusive for $800

Gamers who want to get their hands on Razer's updated smartphone now have a new way to pick one up. AT&T announced that it would be the exclusive carrier for $800 Razer Phone 2.

Starting Friday (Nov. 16), you'll be able to order the phone from AT&T online or at one of its stores. The Razer Phone 2 will cost $26.67 a month if you buy it through one of the carrier's 30-month AT&T Next plans.

You can also go hands-on with the Razer Phone 2 at AT&T's retail stores starting Friday, but only in select cities. Those include AT&T's flagship locations in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle, which will also host gaming events tied to Razer's phone.

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If you'd prefer not to have your gaming phone tied to AT&T, Razer continues to sell the phone unlocked. Unlocked Razer Phone 2s are also on sale at Amazon and Best Buy.

When we reviewed the Razer Phone 2, we thought Razer improved on its original phone in many ways. In particular, we appreciated the Razer Phone's outstanding performance and strong audio as well as the smooth graphics from 120-Hz UltraMotion display. But the promised camera improvements to the Razer Phone 2 really didn't materialize, especially when compared to the superior shooters on the more expensive ROG Phone.

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