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PS4 Slim: Here's Your First Potential Look

Looks like Neo isn't the only new PlayStation on the way. Photos of a "PS4 Slim" have surfaced on an online auction site, coinciding with reports that Sony may launch both a slimmed-down and powered-up version of its flagship console in during its big Sept. 7 PlayStation event.



Photos of the purported new console first appeared on and were later provided to Polygon. The system trades the original PlayStation 4's sharp angles for a smaller, square-shaped design. Like the original model, there's an enclave that houses the USB ports, though the power and eject buttons are now off to the side and look far more pronounced -- which could address one of the few complaints with the current PS4's design.

Pictures of the PS4 Slim stacked on top of the standard PS4 have appeared on this NEOGaf post, revealing a console that could shave a few inches off of its predecessor's design, both horizontally and vertically. As with all leaks, this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt -- a separate post shows different packaging than what appeared on Gumtree, suggesting that some photoshop shenanigans could be happening.

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There's little information about the rumored console's specs, save for the fact that the system's packaging says that it packs the usual 500GB of storage. A PS4 Slim could be Sony's answer to the just-released Xbox One S, though we don't know if it will have the same 4K playback capabilities of Microsoft's redesigned console.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
These leaked images coincide neatly with a new Wall Street Journal report that Sony will unveil two new consoles in September: a refreshed version of the current model, and the more powerful, 4K-ready PlayStation Neo that Sony already confirmed is in existence.

Sony has released a mid-cycle refresh of just about every PlayStation since the original one, so a PS4 Slim wouldn't be too out of the ordinary. Still, the current PS4 is already pretty sleek as it is, and arguably still looks better than its purported slimmed-down counterpart. Perhaps the real reason Sony is prepping this model is to give shoppers a budget-priced alternative to the PlayStation Neo, which will likely sell for a premium price if it ends up being the 4K gaming machine that rumors have suggested.

Fortunately, we won't have to wait long to find out. We'll be on the ground during Sony's Sept. 7 "PlayStation Meeting" event in New York City, so stay tuned for updates right from the show floor.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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