27 Coolest Things Apple's Workflow App Can Do

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  • Adam_221
    "Add favorite track to playlist"... i can't figure out how to get this one to work like you described.
  • Alejandro_CC
    Could you please share the Workflow of the slide 11 ? Thank You in advance
  • ke7zum
    I'm guessing at the steps for workflow, If there is a way to see the steps I would be grateful. I'm visually impaired and use a screen reader to access the site.
  • Ex2bot
    Add favorite track to playlist - I got this to work.

    1. Create a new playlist, for example, Found_Music
    2. Play a song in the Music app.
    3. From the Workflow widget, tap Add favorite track to playlist (you might have to tap Show More).

    To get to the Workflow widget, drag down from the top of the screen (start in the top bezel of your iPhone or iPad) and swipe right.
  • Ex2bot
    By the way, before you use any widget you have to turn it on. From the Widget screen, scroll down and tap the Edit button. Then tap the green + next to Workflow or any widget you want to use.
  • fastasleep
    "Find Your Way Home" — Or just ask Siri: "Take me home". Done.
  • nucleardirk
    would like to know how to get the "mp3 encode and upload" and the "picture watermark and resize" but no clue how to put that puzzle together :/

    anyone an idea if they are published officially?
  • Keith1974
    These are great but could you share the actual workflows?