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This Wild Coke-Themed PC Will Satisfy Your Gaming Thirst

We loved the Maingear Rush because of its awe-inspiring looks, amazing performance and customization options, so we never expected Maingear would team up with Coca-Cola to make it look like a vending machine. But it happened, and the Maingear Rush 1ofONE Coke eSports gaming PC was born. Hardcore gamers with a love of caffeinated beverages will love it.

Credit: Maingear

(Image credit: Maingear)

The case is, unsurprisingly, red with Coca-Cola's logo and "Taste the Feeling" slogan emblazoned on the front, but the really cool (if not slightly ridiculous) part is that the reservoir for the liquid cooling system looks like a glass Coke bottle. Oh, and the coolant? It's Coke-colored. Your Maingear Rush will look like its fueled by soda. Inside, the big difference is that a modified motherboard allows for parallel placement of the graphics cards.

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If you laugh at the concept, you'll still take the performance seriously. Maingear is offering an Intel i7-6950X 10-Core CPU, two Nvidia GTX 1080 Graphics Cards, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD.

Unfortunately for customers, this build is a one-off (thus the 1ofONE name), so you can't get your hands on it right now. Of course, you can always design your own starting at $1,799, or save up to splurge on a model like the one we reviewed, at a cool $7,972. That's a lot of bottles of Coke.