This App-controlled Batmobile is the Ultimate Collector's Item

Mattel might be known for kid's toys, but this fall, the toy company is offering something a bit more mature. Just in time for the upcoming "Justice League" Movie, Mattel is unleashing the $249 Justice League Ultimate Batmobile. But don't write this off as just another high-priced, but decidedly badass model car. This baby is packed with jaw-dropping awesomeness.

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First things first. This Batmobile (and the six-inch replica Batman inside it) are based on the design from "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice," so you're basically getting a miniature tank. The details is so exacting that I could see the fine etchings in the batsuit as well as the places where the Batmobile's jet black paint was rubbed off to replicate wear and tear.

I could have spent all day examining the nooks and crannies on this thing, but like I said, it's more than a model. When it ships, you'll be able to control the iconic ride with a tablet or smartphone, so you, or rather the Dark Knight can take it for a spin when the mood strikes. As you navigate the car through the mean streets of Gotham (or your living room), Batman's hands actually turn the steering wheel. The dashboard even lights up to correspond with the action.

Other over-the-top flourishes include the ability to control the headlights, fire the top-mounted cannon and front-mounted rockets. This baby also has hydraulic controls and a faux exhaust system complete with white, wispy smoke when you peel out.

Thanks to an embedded camera, you can get a bat's-eye view of what the Caped Crusader sees. And you can share your crime-fighting exploits on Snapchat or the social networking site of your choosing. In short, barring you becoming a multi-billionaire like Bruce Wayne, this is about the closest you're going to come to the authentic Batmobile.

Sherri L. Smith

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