iPhone 7: What's the Difference Between Jet Black and Black?

Forget about orange, because black is the new black, at least as far as Apple is concerned. The company likes the darkest color so much this year that it is offering the new iPhone 7 in two different shades: Jet Black and Black. But exactly is the difference between these two new iPhone colorways?

The jet black (left) is glossy while the Black (right) is matte.The jet black (left) is glossy while the Black (right) is matte.

Jet Black iPhone 7 handsets are glossy, while the Black design is a more traditional matte finish, much like the Silver, Rose Gold and Gold models offered by the company. But there's actually more to it than that.

First of all, if you were thinking of buying a Jet Black iPhone 7, get ready to pony up more cash. The Jet Black smartphone is only available in the 128GB and 256GB models, which respectively cost $100 and $200 more than the 32GB entry level when purchased unlocked.

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Secondly, ask yourself if you need to use your iPhone in the nude, without a case? If that's the case, think twice before buying that Jet Black iPhone. In the fine print on Apple.com, you'll see a message that informs readers that the Jet Black model's "high shine may show fine micro-abrasions [i.e.: scratches] with use."

Jet Black (left) vs Black (right)Jet Black (left) vs Black (right)

For those concerned with scratching the Jet Black model's glossy finish, Apple suggests the purchase of "of the many cases available to protect your iPhone." However, if you're just going to cover the phone with a case, does the color really matter?

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