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Activision Nabs Yahoo! Exec to Handle Guitar Hero

Activision this week announced that Dan Rosensweig, a former Yahoo, has been named President and Chief Executive Officer of RedOctane, the business unit responsible for Guitar Hero and the upcoming DJ Hero.

Rosensweig served as Chief Operating Officer of Yahoo! from 2002 through 2006, and spent 18 years working at Ziff Davis and was responsible for the successful merger of ZDNet and CNet.

Rosensweig will report directly to Mike Griffith, President and CEO of Activision, while Kai Huang, former President and CEO of RedOctane, who created Guitar Hero with his brother Charles, will continue working at RedOctane reporting to Mr. Rosensweig.

"Under the leadership of Kai and Charles, Guitar Hero established the music gaming genre and became a global phenomenon," said Griffith. "With the addition of Dan's proven operational expertise and leadership, we will continue expanding the franchise's global footprint in new and innovative ways. Dan's deep understanding of how consumers can be entertained online will be invaluable as we continue to build Guitar Hero's complementary growth channels, further establish the franchise as an innovative music platform and develop relationships with new business partners."

It's unclear whether or not this change in leadership is a result of the disappointing sales of Guitar Hero IV in relative terms, especially in light of the blistering sales of Guitar Hero III.

No word on when Rosensweig will actually start at RedOctane. We also wonder about this DJ Hero idea. We like Rock Band and Guitar Hero as much as the next person, but DJ Hero just sounds like it could be a bit of a reach. What about you guys, yay or nay on the DJ Hero idea?

  • matt2k
    Hmm, dont know whether the DJ'ing will catch on, but then Guitar Hero really took everyone by surprise i think. wonder if they can do that again, DJ'ing sounds slightly more specialised.
  • grieve
    DJ Hero... LOL! GL with that.
  • JMcEntegart
    To be honest it immediately makes me think of those toys you give kids that sit on a flat surface and the kid presses the buttons and they make a sound. Obviously it'll be some kind of table deck setup... Very strange altogether.
  • duanekimball
    Need a guitar with full use of frets. Lots of buttons.
    Each button could be an digital setting 0-255 on the analog controller in case they can't figure out how to do it..Mr. Griffith
  • The Schnoz
    I think Dj Hero is a great idea and will teach people how to DJ more than Guitar Hero could teach someone to play guitar. I just hope theres a freestsyle mode where you can load in the tunes. Its also going to need a lot of songs.. It would be great if you could use music from your mp3 storage device too.