Fortnite Season 6: Latest Info on the New Map, Skins, Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 6 has started, bringing with it a new assortment of changes and additions to the Battle Pass, new skins and some new mysteries on the world map.

Season 5 got started with a rocket launch that created time rifts in the sky and before that Season 4 got cooking with an event involving a comet crash. The lore in Season 6 is centered around a runic purple cube first seen coming from the giant rift in the sky and descending into Loot Lake, turning the water purple and making players bounce off of it on contact.

What do these events mean and what can you expect from Season 6? We’ve got all the info you need as you prepare for your next journey through the new Battle Pass and through the ever-changing landscape of Fortnite.

When does Fortnite Season 6 start?

Season 6 got started September 27, kicking things off with a cutscene that showcases one of the game’s most dramatic changes.

Season 6 Battle Pass: Halloween themed skins and pet backbling

The Battle Pass is full of Halloween themed items this time around, including a wolfman costume skin and a vampire skin. The best ones include unlockable styles that transform your character from someone wearing a Halloween costume into an actual wolfman or vampire with further unlockable color customization options.

You can also unlock new pets that work like very animated backbling, reacting to when you fire your gun or take damage. Your companion options include a small dog, a dragon and a chameleon.

What happened to Loot Lake?

The cube that sunk into Loot Lake lodged itself under the small island in the middle of the lake and is now floating high above the map. Players who get close enough to the lake will now get swept up in a whirlwind that lifts them up to the now-floating island.

Jumping from the island and into the wind will open your glider, giving a lot of easy opportunity to cover ground quickly when visiting the area, compared to before when the area was a shallow lake infamous for being a slog to get through.

A spooky castle appears, and other additions to the map

Continuing with the Halloween theme of Season 6, a spooky looking castle has appeared on top of Haunted Hills in the northwest of the map. A few other additions include corn fields in Fatal Fields that add more tactical options to the area and an underground lab in Wailing Woods for some close-quarters action.

Also dotted around the map are dark purple patches with a runic symbol in the middle. It’s clear that these patches are related to the purple cube now floating above Loot Lake, but it’s not yet clear what they mean for the rest of the Season 6, or for Season 7 which should kick off some time in December.

Small cubes and ghost powers

So, about those runes on the map. Players will now run into small cubes floating just above the ground in the areas that these runes appear. These cubes can be picked up to give players a ghost-like appearance and the ability to pass through most structures pre-existing or placed by players.

You’re harder to see when a ghost but not invisible. You can still take damage and you can’t use any of your weapons or build things as a ghost. However you are much faster and can dash forward for even greater speed. The powerup lasts around 40 or 45 seconds and can be cancelled early at any time.

Credit: Epic Games

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