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Fortnite Is Getting Jetpacks: What You Need to Know

If you wish your Fortnite matches were just a bit more high-flying, we've got good news. Epic's gargantuan online battle royale shooter is finally getting jetpacks.

Part of the game's 4.2 content update live today (May 22), Fortnite's jetpacks can be discovered in treasure chests throughout the course of a match. Once you find and equip a jetpack, you can use it to fly around by pressing the jump button while already in the air. Note that you can only fly for short bursts at a time, and cannot enter targeting mode while airborne.

Epic says that jetpacks are a limited-time perk, and part of a new classification of item called backpacks. Backpacks take up an inventory slot just like a weapon or health item would, and you can only carry one at a time. Backpacks will also cover up any Back Bling you're rocking for as long as you wear them.

The 4.2 update also introduces a limited-time mode called Close Encounters, in which jetpacks are plentiful and the only available guns are shotguns. The game's storm closes in quicker than normal in this mode, so be sure to check it out for some quick, high-flying close-quarter combat.

Fortnite's jetpack update is yet another example of Epic mixing things up to keep its wildly popular online shooter fresh. The game just wrapped up its limited-time Avengers crossover, as well as a weekend-long Solo Showdown mode aimed at competitive players. The latter mode was likely a tease of more Fortnite competitive action to come, as Epic recently announced that it will be investing a whopping $100 million dollars in Fortnite esports. Better get training.

Credit: Epic Games