What Movies Can I Watch on BBC iPlayer in December?


We tend to think of iPlayer as the catch-up service for BBC shows, but it’s much more than that. Alongside iPlayer's TV offerings, It’s also a pretty good place to find movies. If you find yourself browsing the straight-to-video selection that lurks in some of Netflix’s less popular corners, it’s time to switch apps and have a look at the BBC’s selection instead. Here are our favourite flicks on the iPlayer this October.


Man on the Moon

Jim Carrey plays controversial comic Andy Kaufman with uncanny accuracy, and while the film’s a little heavy on the usual biographical tropes his performance is never less than gripping.

A Simple Plan

Three men find a crashed plane, a dead man and a bag containing 4 million dollars. What could possibly go wrong, apart from everything? Sam Raimi directs Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton and Bridget Fonda in a tense thriller about what happens when amateurs try to act like criminals.


Night of the Living Dead

One of the horror genre’s most notable films, directed by the legendary George Romero. As the dead rise from their graves, Barbra and Johnny must find other survivors and try to make it through the night by hiding in a remote farmhouse. The film helped define the modern concept of the zombie, and introduced the bloody gory violence that horror films now so frequently feature, making it entertaining for casual fans or major cinephiles.

The Relic

An action-packed horror thriller with some decent scares and lots of gore, although some critics panned what they thought was its lack of originality and reliance on horror tropes. We like it: like pretty much all monster movies it’s daft but fun.


Simon Amstell: Carnage

This is an odd one, but then Simon Amstell is an odd one too. Carnage is a mockumentary set in the future, when eating meat, eggs and dairy are outlawed. It’s often very funny, but it’s often very distressing too.

Primary Colors

John Travolta, Emma Thomson and Billy Bob Thornton – him again! – in a fictionalised version of the bestselling book about a womanising US President. Perhaps the BBC will show Idiocracy next month so we can compare its fictional president to the current incumbent.

Wonder Boys

Michael Douglas delivers a great performance alongside Tobey Maguire and Frances McDormand in this screwball comedy about an ageing professor. It’s nice to see Douglas acting for a change.


Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death

While not a full length film like Curse of the Were-Rabbit, this outing for the stop-motion animated pair is still an exciting tale of pastries and peril, as the duo set up a bakery, but in the shadow of a ‘cereal killer’, who has taken care of all other competition in the area. Fortunately, two new characters, the delectable Piella and her poodle Fluffles, are there to act as a welcome distraction.