CyberPowerPC Fang Trinity Gaming PC Will Blow Your Mind

LAS VEGAS -- You've never seen anything like the CyberPowerPC Fang Trinity desktop gaming PC. The conceptual desktop combines a out-of-this-world design with powerful customizable specs, making it one of the most exciting products at CES 2015. I spent some quality time with this unique beast; here's my first impressions.

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The company threw out the rulebook when it made the Fang, turning the desktop design on its head -- literally. Instead of a hulking tower case, the company thought outside the box and created something that looks a little like a biohazard symbol. Comprised of three rectangular compartments, each is covered by removable heavy black metal cover that weighs 8.3 pounds. The entire Fang Trinity weighs close to 50 pounds, so be sure to bend with the knees when attempting to lift it.

The unique desktop is lousy with ports, including a pair of USB 3.0 ports in the top compartment along with a reset button and jacks for a mic and headphone. A slot-loading Blu-Ray player resides in the second compartment. But just like a mullet, the party doesn't start until you get to the back. There you'll find four additional USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI-in, HDMI-out and an optical port just to name a few.

So where are all the wires? CyberPowerPC has managed to conceal the majority of the cords in a central chamber holding the compartments together.

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The most impressive thing about the Trinity's design is the balance. During my demo, I watched the CyberPowerPC rep stand the machine on a signal leg with the other two in the air. Despite its well-hidden bulk, the desktop held its stance. I don't know if I would get into the habit of placing the rig like that, but it sure as hell looked cool.

Anatomy of a Gaming Desktop

As pretty as the Fang Trinity is on the outside, it's even prettier on the inside and a lot more powerful. Removing the sleeve of the first compartment reveals a Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPU and a trio of SSDs.

You'll find another SSD, a hard drive and the optical drive with the 500-watt power supply in the bottom left compartment. The final compartment holds a 4-GHz Intel Core i7-4790K processor, a Gigabyte Z97 Mini-ITX motherboard and a set of tubes for liquid to keep the CPU cool.


Despite the demo rig's configuration, CyberPowerPC remains dedicated to providing a modular experience. To that end, the gamers interested in owning one of the most unique-looking desktops on the block can customize the system's specs.

For example, the desktop can hold up to 5 SSDs or 3 SSDs with a pair of hard drives. Shoppers can also choose their processor and video card.

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Usually when you hear the word concept, particularly during CES, you don't expect to ever see a consumer model of the product. (Project Christina, we barely knew thee.) However, that's not the case with the Fang Trinity. The gaming desktop will be available sometime this year with the chassis starting at $349.

Bottom Line

CyberPowerPC isn't afraid to be bold. While the Fang Trinity's futuristic, out-of-this-world looks will bring many gamers to the company's door, it's the powerful specs and customization that will keep them there. The biggest problem I forsee consumers encountering is finding space for the desktop's funky shape. I, for one, would gladly make room.

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