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If you're a Tom's reader, then you must know your way around your computer pretty well. You may not be a master technician, but you're definitely among those who are computer literate – but nobody can know everything, which is exactly why we read (and create) websites like the one you're reading now.

Last month, we started a contest so that readers like you could contribute your knowledge to our sister site and also have the chance to win some money.

Today, we're proud to present you with the winners and their very well-done how-to guides.

Taking home the grand prize is Douglas Crowthers of Lynchburg, OH, who now has $1,000 thanks to his guide for Solid State Drive (SSD) Tweaks for Windows 7.

William Harmon of Stockton, CA shared his overclocking experience with the Gigabyte Easytune6 software, which resulted in him pocketing $400.

On the hardware side of overclocking, Raymond Buckman, from Price, UT went in great detail about how to clean a water block. Believe it not, you need to use ketchup. For that, he's got $100.

Good work to everyone who entered. Keep it up!

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  • xantek24
    i want to make a how-to guide: How to open a macbook unibody....with a chainsaw!
  • sliem
    Nice tweaks for ssd on win7. I bookmarked it.
  • LePhuronn
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