This $30,000 Lamborghini Massage Chair Changed My Life

LAS VEGAS — I was wandering the show floor at CES, minding my own business, when a gleaming hunk of red-and-black steel caught my eye. It started moving to the beat of a bass-heavy rock song and the sound of a roadster's revving engine. But this was no race car: It was a massage chair inspired by a Lamborghini Aventador. I was slightly disappointed that the chair didn't reshape itself into an actual automobile, given that it looks like a Transformer.

"This is silly," I thought as I sank into the sumptuous leather seat and pressed the start button on the left arm. The chair began kneading my back, rubbing my arms and even applied pressure to the arches in my feet. "Who would spend $30,000 on a cha-"

And that's when I gave up my skepticism and fully embraced the chair. If I had Lamborghini levels of cash, I would buy this.

BodyFriend's Lamborghini-inspired chair is $30,000, which is a laughable amount of money for those of us who don't own actual Lamborghinis. But after experiencing not one but two full-body massages (hey, this was research for work), I found myself wondering how long it would take to pay off a $30,000 loan. Answer: Too long.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Aside from its sleek, sporty look, BodyFriend's Lamborghini Massage Chair feels like sitting in the lap of luxury. A remote control allows you to customize the length and intensity of the massage, and ECG sensors on the back of the remote measure your heart rate to customize a healing massage designed to reduce stress. It's magical.

You can buy the BodyFriend Lamborghini Massage Chair now, or take it for a spin in BodyFriend's Los Angeles headquarters. Or, if you're me, you'll take up residence there for the rest of CES.

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