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Avatar Going 4D in Korea With Smells, Lasers

Avatar may be opening the door to mainstream 3D movies, but a Korean cinema is adding an extra dimension, making to 4D.

The 4D screening adds to the experience moving seats, smells of explosives, sprinkling water, laser lights and wind, according to Variety. The added cost to attend such a show more than doubles to the U.S. equivalent of $15.80. (An average ticket in Korea costs $6.90.)

While the added sensual experience wasn't a part of James Cameron's vision, the Korean division of Fox have been working it since last summer. "We (started to) prepared the 'Avatar' 4D ride last summer," says Tom Oh of 20th Century Fox Korea.

Avatar in 4D is being shown in Korea's leading multiplex chain, CJ-CGV, and has shown more than 10 different 4D-enhanced films over the last year.

"There is no 4D theater like ours around the world. CGV's 4D plex is the first in the world that fully offers five-sense experiences with a movie title," says Kim Daehee, publicity manager of CJ-CGV.