We Played on Atari's Gigantic $4,500 Pong Table

LAS VEGAS - You've probably played Pong before, but have you played it on a gigantic, RGB-lit arcade cabinet?

That's exactly what we just did here at CES on the Atari Pong Table, one of several high-end cabinets that seem like a perfect fit for your local bar, arcade, or your living room -- if you have upwards of $4,500 to spare.

As its name suggests, the Atari Pong Table brings the iconic video game to life on a variety of large tables built for two-player action. This is no basic arcade machine, either -- the Pong Table features physical pieces for the paddles and the cube-shaped "ball," adding a neat 3D effect to the normally 2D game.

The pieces are able to slide around thanks to a series of magnets underneath the table, and each player uses a giant knob to control the action. And while the Pong Table is built to handle competitive 1-on-1 action, you can also play solo against an AI if your friends aren't around.

I played a few rounds with a colleague at Atari's CES 2019 booth, and, well, it felt like Pong. Everything was smooth and responsive, and I really dug the vibrant RGB lights that illuminate after you win a game.

The Pong Table comes in three configurations to suit different environments. There's a $3,000 coffee table variation that lets you enjoy the game seated, and features covers for the buttons and knobs on either side to make it look unassuming when not in use.

There's also a $4,300 arcade table built for standing play, as well as a taller $4,500 cocktail table that seems tailor-made for barcades - especially with its four cupholders. The tables feature USB ports for charging up your phone while you play, as well as Bluetooth support so you can duke it out to your music of choice.

The Atari Pong Table puts a fun spin on one of the most iconic video games out there, and, if you have a few grand to spare, could make a great addition to your personal game room. If not, it's probably only a matter of time before one of these ends up at your local barcade.

Credit: Tom's Guide

Michael Andronico

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