Forget OLED: Here's What's Next for iPhone Displays

Apple might be planning to use OLED and LCD this year in its new iPhones, but in the future, we might see the company turn to MicroLED.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Apple this week attended a display conference in Taiwan where the company held meetings with at least two companies about MicroLED technology, Economic Daily News is reporting, citing sources. The company also discussed MiniLED at the show, according to the report, which was earlier covered by BGR.

Currently, OLED is widely considered best overall screen technology. It's thin, delivers outstanding color and brightness, and can be bent and folded at will to create unique product designs. But many companies are excited about MicroLED, which can deliver similarly outstanding pictures but come with more efficient designs and the option to create screens both big and small with ease.

Indeed, MicroLEDs could present a major opportunity for Apple. And at least on the design side, the thinner and lighter MicroLEDs could help the company build a new iPhone design.

The problem with MicroLED, however, is that it's difficult and costly to produce. And while many industry pundits see it as a viable alternative to OLED, for now, it's not even close to matching OLED technology in affordability and ease-of-manufacturing.

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Still, a Bloomberg report this year said that Apple (and Samsung) are bullish on MicroLED. That report said Apple has developed a secretive facility in California where it's researching MicroLED and identifying opportunities to bundle the technology in future products. It's still unknown when we can expect to see MicroLED come to iPhones.

Of course, Apple isn't talking about MicroLED or any plans for the future. But look for much more on this in the coming months and years as Apple continues to see what all the fuss is about with MicroLED.

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