Sony's Monster 3D Display is 280 Inches

Yesterday, Tech-On reported on a recent exhibition presented by Sony Corp and Sony Marketing Inc at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2009 in Japan. Both companies showcased a set of 3D video production systems for business use including a digital camera projector, a multi-purpose camera for taking 3D images, and more.

But what really stood out was what Tech-On called the "3D LED Wall," a 280-inch LED display that is 252 inches wide and 134 inches high. Apparently, the display can switch between 2D and 3D video, and appeared to be a combination of 70 smaller LED displays, each measuring 28 inches.

Despite the size, the 3D aspect works by placing two overlapping images for the left and right eyes. The 3D image comes together by slapping on the (currently standard) polarization glasses, separating the images. Although wearing the 3D shades may feel a little dorky, at least the images aren't using the old-school red and blue filters.

So will this mammoth wall of 3D come to the States? If so, how much will it cost? So far, Sony hasn't said a word. If fact, there isn't any indication when 3D technology will infiltrate terrestrial Japanese TV broadcasts according to the company. "In the United States, 3D images are already broadcast in live sports and music programs via cable TV networks and satellite broadcasting," Sony said. "In the future, such movements will occur in Japan, too."

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