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You Can Create Your Saints Row IV Character Before Game Release

With Saints Row IV launching in a few weeks, Volition and Deep Silver have cranked up the output of the hype engine with announcements of ludicrous collector's editions and trailers. 

Now, they've unveiled the Saints Row IV Inauguration Station, allowing fans of the series to create their characters weeks before the game's actual release. As was the case with Saints Row III, the character creation process for Saints Row IV is appropriately (or perhaps inappropriately) hilarious. 

Saints Row IV Inauguration Station is available for download via Xbox Live, Steam, and the PlayStation Network. Do note that if you have a character file from Saints Row III, you can port it over to Saints Row IV. 

Here's a trailer showing off the erm... power of the Inauguration Station:

  • fightingslu
    I think you a word.
  • JJ1217
    10/10 for proof reading.
  • nolarrow
    anyone else watch the video, hear the song, and want nothing to do with the game now? To be fair I have no idea what the game is about but based on that short vid it seems like a cross between grand theft auto, warriors and a drake video.
  • chronicbint
    I dunno, music could have been worse, could have been metal or RnB.
  • mobrocket
    I loved SR3...
    my only hangup about SR4 is the release... 1 month before GTA
    if this game came out this spring, i would have bought it in a second...
  • mobrocket
    If u didnt play SR3

    Saints Row is basically the Naked Gun version of GTA
    Totally off the wall crazyness, but very very fun
  • GNCD
    Can't wait. I still remember riding a tank to rescue Shaundi, Viola and Mayor Burt Reynolds while listening to that 80s song. It was cheesy and epic.