Exploding PC Burns Man to Death

A young software engineer was found dead in front of his burned-up computer, however the cause of the explosion has yet to be determined, baffling police.

As a rule of thumb, it's not nice to make light of the misfortunes of others, especially when physical harm comes into play. There are certainly numerous jokes that involve exploding PCs, especially where gaming, overclocking, and porn is concerned. Many of them have no tact for obvious reasons, and there's no doubt that readers may recall one or two by the end of this article. But truth be told, news surrounding a burned up man sitting in front of smoking debris that once served as a PC only conjures up comical images seen in cartoons.

According to The Times of India, a 28-year-old software engineer--named only as Vijayakumar in the article--was found dead this past Friday in his home on Telugu Brahmin Street in Velachery. Vijayakumar shared the house with two other software engineers--Vignesh (26) and Ram Prasad (26)--although the latter roommate was the only other tenant present at the time of Vijayakumar's demise. Apparently, Prasad went to take a bath, and then rushed back out after hearing a loud blast. He told police that he saw the charred remains of Vijayakumar still sitting in front of a smoldering PC... and then fainted.

So what happened to Vijayakumar? According to local police, the PC exploded and burned it user alive. “We are yet to ascertain the cause of the blast," a police officer told Times of India. "The computer was completely damaged and the deceased was charred." The officer also went on to say that the case has baffled the investigating officers, sounding rather unbelievable, and something they had never seen before.

"But the scene of the accident seems to suggest that the youth was killed in an accident as his body was in the sitting position in front of the burnt computer,” the official added.

For now, the police have not offered any other information. Certainly many factors could have caused the PC to short circuit: faulty wiring, spilled liquids, maybe even a jolt of lightning crashing through the power outlet. Perhaps the power supply arced and burned him up on the spot, or the PC had faulty power cables. It would be understandable had Vijayakumar's demise been the direct result of an exploding battery in a laptop. But an exploding PC? That remains questionable. Still, because Vijayakumar was found burned in a sitting position, its easy to assume that whatever happened was close to instantaneous.

And where was Vignesh during the entire incident? No, something about the entire incident sounds fishy. With Prasad the only other individual in the house, the grim setting sounds like a plot yanked straight out of a thriller movie. Hopefully, more information will surface soon because, quite frankly, if there are faulty parts out there on the market, then we as consumers need to know. Period.

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