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NEC LED Ceiling Light with Integrated Speaker is a Great Idea

Bluetooth speakers for your cell phone are absolutely nothing new, but NEC has taken the old Bluetooth speaker idea in a new direction with a Bluetooth speaker built into a light fixture. The concept boasts an LED ceiling light surrounded by a speaker. The user connects their phone to the light via Bluetooth and an Android application, which then lets you control the music as well as the light. You can also create effects by synchronizing light and sound. Awesome, right?

"Light fittings are in the middle of rooms, and we've used that fact to design this revolutionary, totally new product," Diginfo cites NEC as saying. "This system enables light and sound to spread from the center of a room to the entire space. It also enables the user to control the effects with a smartphone."

It's just a concept for now, so, sadly, we won't be dimming the lights and turning up the Barry White with our Android devices right away. However, NEC is planning on taking this one to the market. NEC is developing the system with the aim of releasing it later this year. In the video below, the light has a wooden frame, but the company is also considering other versions, such as simple globes and acrylic panels. Check it out!

(Diginfo via Engadget)

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