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Mercedes Promotes F-Cell Technology by Making 'Invisible' Car

Mercedes is promoting its zero-emission fuel cell technology, F-CELL, with the creation of a vehicle that can turn "invisible". It may not come anywhere near as invisible as Wonder Woman's jet, but Mercedes certainly did a great job at grabbing our attention with this marketing campaign. The effect only works when you are standing a good distance away and at a 90-degree angle, but it still beats dancing, driving hamsters.

The company pulled off the illusion by attaching flexible LED sheets on one side of the vehicle, and a camera on the other side of the car. The camera records what it sees and relays the video onto the LED sheets on the other side. This simple technique has been used countless times to create the illusion of invisibility, but it's pretty neat to see it used on a moving minivan.

Head on over to Mashable for a look at behind the scenes photos to see how the car was made.