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2 New Internet Radios: Grace Vs. Squeezebox

Tuning In To The Globe

It’s a wide world out there with tens of thousands of Internet radio broadcasters, from a guy streaming his iPod’s tunes, to commercial radio stations that offer a mix of music, news and chat. The best part is that in order to listen in on what the world has to say and play, no longer need a computer.

Web radios can bring the world of music and talk to your desk or night stand. All you need is a WiFi network: the latest Web radios, such as Grace Digital’s Allegro and Logitech’s Squeezebox Radio can both pull in stations from the other side of the world, or from your home town.

We reviewed the Allegro and the Squeezebox. Both offer a good mix of available stations and sound quality but are missing one crucial feature. Neither one has a traditional AM/FM radio built in, although most radio stations these days also broadcast on the Web.

If you can overlook this missing feature, you’ll find both of that both of these radios will do a good job of helping you tune in the world.

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