Google Staff Can Get Laundry Done for Them

Between 20 percent time projects, fantastic cafeterias and scooters to get around the building, it's easy to see why the work environment at Google is envied by many. And, if you thought you were green with envy before, how about we turn you into a green-eyed monster with this next one? Google has teamed up with TaskRabbit, an online service that brokers odd jobs in selected major cities around the country, to do employees' chores outside the office. Tasks they'll do range from assembling IKEA furniture, doing your laundry and walking your dog. Having someone do your odd jobs couldn't be easier. You just pick a task and state how much you're willing to pay to have it done. Then, one of TaskRabbits 'runners' accepts the job, and you pay once they're finished. Easy-peasy!

However handy this service may be for individuals, Gawker reports that Google is using it in a whole new way: as a perk for employees. Yes, the search giant is apparently awarding staff TaskRabbit credits. Founder Leah Busque spoke to Gawker and while she didn't go into details (such as how much Google is paying for jobs), she did confirm that they have a partnership with Google to provide staff with this perk and said Google isn't alone in offering this service to employees.

"We are working with other companies to roll out the deal to their employees as well," Busque told Gawker. "The perks are obvious - employees get the extra help they need and some work life balance, while companies get happy and loyal employees that are more focused on their work (without the stresses of the 'little' stuff)."

And I thought I had it good because working from home means I can do laundry at lunch. Guess I'll just have to console myself by napping at lunchtime instead.

Source: Gawker

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