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GameStop, Staples Share Credit Card Numbers

Have you whipped out the credit card to purchase games and other items from GameStop, Staples, or other online retailers? If the answer is yes, then there's a good chance that sacred number was forwarded to a third party without your consent. This latest investigation conducted by the state of New York could indicate that legitimate businesses can be just as untrustworthy as online scam artists using scareware.

According to MSNBC, the New York State Attorney General's office is issuing subpoenas to 22 online retailers-- including the two previously mentioned-- to determine how the companies share sensitive customer data to 3rd parties. Currently the companies in question have not been charged with any crimes, however New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has already subpoenaed records from three marketing companies that have "amassed through fraud" over $1 billion a year.

Cuomo said in this news release that the accused retailers are tricking customers into accepting offers from other companies by way of pop-up ads disguised as discount offers. After clicking on the "coupon," customers are taken to an external site where they're already signed up for credit card protection service, a buying club, or some other money-leeching service. The consumer's personal and credit card information is already provided by the original retailer, thus consumers are charged from $100 to $145.

"This online scheme has impacted the finances and tried the patience of tens of millions of consumers nationwide,” he said. "Well-known companies are tricking customers into accepting offers from third party vendors, which then siphon money from consumers’ accounts."

Scary stuff... time to go back to cash.

  • lowguppy
    One more reason to avoid Gamestop... I'd like to see the full list of e-tailers.
  • yiplong
    I was a victim of one such fraudulent scheme. After complaining to the company, I get half my money back.
  • hairycat101
    Great news story. It's nice to see two of the 22 companies listed. Wow. out of only 22 companies, you can neither give us a complete list nor even a link to find the list. Great work, Tom's. This is why I almost never visit this site anymore.
  • sliem
    "time to go back to cash."
    That is STUPID.

    Cash = no trail and does not build your credit history.

    Have a problem with your credit card, someone used it without your auth or stole it? Report it. Dispute the claim. If your credit card provider rejects, you made a wrong move choosing them in the first place.
  • original article linked by /. :

    Cuomo has sent subpoenas to 22 well-known merchants that have deals with the three major companies that offer these discount programs: Webloyalty, Affinion/Trilegiant and Vertrue. The subpoenas seek information about retailers’ practices of sharing consumers’ account information with membership program companies; their knowledge of any deceptive solicitations; and compensation from the membership companies. The merchants being investigated include: Barnes & Noble,,,,,,,,, Budget,,, GMAC Mortgage,, Travelocity, Vistaprint, Intelius,, Expedia/, Columbia House, Pizza Hut and Gamestop/EB Games.
  • zak_mckraken
    ^ What he said.
  • restatement3dofted
    All the more reason to avoid questionable-looking "discounts," and always read the fine print before you send your credit card information to any online retailer, no matter how "legitimate" they are.

    When it comes to sensitive information like that, you can never be too careful.
  • headscratcher
    Why do you need a credit card history? So companies can know how stupid you are?

    I haven't used a credit card in years and I have no problem with a "credit history". The BS about trouble getting car insurance or whatever is a scam to get you to use the credit cards. I have nice low auto insurance rates. I buy stuff when I can pay for it, rather than go into debt to a crooked thieving bank. But, suit yourself.
  • vicsrealms
    Well, I'm happy I avoid those companies to begin with.
  • theguy82
    I never pay cash unless I have to, not even debit. If I can get rewards for things that I purchase, why wouldn't I? Within a year or so, I can fly free (excluding taxes) anywhere in North America. I don't get this with cash. Yes you do run the risk of fraud, etc, but I am not about to become paranoid. It is a little extra work and I monitor my statements, but the hell with paying straight cash for everything.