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Stay in Sync With An Ethernet Clock

Sure, we have clocks built into Windows and OS X, but what about the clocks we have mounted on the wall or sitting on the kitchen table? They deserve accurate time too, and having to re-adjust their time-keeping skills can be somewhat annoying. Satellite-based clocks? I have one that refuses to change back to Standard Time. sent along a little briefing on ComputerWise's ED212 Digital Time Display, a clock that hooks up to the Ethernet and ensures accurate, consistent time tracking. The device measures 6.9 x 23.5 x 3.3 inches (H x W x D) and has a six-digit display containing characters up to four-inches, visible up to 100 feet away.

According to, the clock includes a pre-load and start count-up and count-down timer, start and stop timers, up to 32 user-defined alarms, and four optional relay output alarms. The sign's relay outputs can be single isolated relay outputs (two, three, or four), and can even draw its power from the Ethernet.

This technology isn't particularly new. Corporations have used these LED-based signs to display various messages... including the time. End-users can also pre-program messages via software installed on the PC and send them directly to the clock's built-in flash memory. Certain messages can also be triggered to display by activating assigned contacts via an external controller.

Although the ComputerWise ED212 Digital Time Display will remain correct at all time, this super-sized clock is best suited for small businesses or houses with cathedral-sized rooms.