New Craigslist Trend: Trade Sex for Rent?

Is trading sex for rent the new trend on Craigslist? That may be the case, as ABC15 in Arizona is reporting that the housing slump and recession has driven many cash-strapped men and women to Craigslist and other online classified websites. Their purpose? To provide sex in return for housing or rent money.

While the ABC affiliate didn't post direct links to the ads, the station said that many such advertisements were listed on the Phoenix Craigslist site and "other major U.S. markets." Many of the ads were somewhat subtle in nature while others were blunt and to-the-point. But based on the examples provided by the TV station, the listings appeared to be from renters seeking "financially distressed" roommates.

To back up its claim, ABC15 provided a few samples. One ad from Fountain Hills was titled "Free rent and Corvette for live-in hottie girl roommate." Another listing said that there was a spare room for rent, and only ladies were allowed to apply. "I live by myself, am single and good looking," the ad read. "Would like to have a female roommate in good shape and willing to trade favors in exchange for rent. Please include a picture with your response.”

ABC15 said that the Valley police departments keep tabs on Craigslist and other national classified websites for fraud, criminal activity, and sex crimes. Mark Clark, the spokesman for the Scottsdale Police Department, said that the offers described by ABC15 could quality as prostitution. While it's assumed that there are probably female renters looking for male roommates, many of the examples provided by ABC15 were male renters seeking desperate women.

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  • insaneclowngod
    My roommate and I just noticed we have a spare den, and thought this sounds like a good idea.
    I will be posting my own ad on Craigslist titled

    Wait for it...

  • okibrian
    That sounds like a good deal. Win win. ;-)
  • roitman
    I wonder how sex for rent is different from marriage?
  • rippleyhakd
    Sign me up.... Vette to keep me wet, im all in for something like that..
  • ominous prime
    roitmanI wonder how sex for rent is different from marriage?
    There's a pretty significant tax incentive for marriage.
  • Dandalf
    I see nothing wrong with this. Also, I'd like to let hot landladies know I'm looking for a room and don't have any money ;)
    Hey I'll work for food...but I won't specify the work details. lol
  • Pei-chen
    LOL, all laws are created to punish the poor and weak.

    Paying for sex is wrong but marrying a cute blond 50 years his junior is legal and tax exempt if the dude dies.
  • Milleman
    As long as it's about free will and personal choice, I see no harm in that. Even if it's a kinda of prostitution. But then... Having sex with the boss just to get promoted at work, or a music or movie contract is also prostitution. And it's done daily. It's only the honest prostitutes on the the street that want's money direct, that gets busted.
  • Platypus
    Seems to me prostitution is two people dating for a short period of time, and then one person hands the other some money as a gift right before they break up and go their separate ways. "Yes, officer. He was my boyfriend but we're not dating anymore."