Cheaters Hacking COD 4 Modern Warfare PS3

A thread over on the Infinity Ward forums reveals that troubles are brewing on the multiplayer front of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the PlayStation 3, as hackers are taking advantage of exploits that enables them to walk through buildings and fly. Additionally, hackers have also figured out how to receive unlimited ammunition, no reloads, activate God Mode and mount laser sights.

To make matters worse, the cheaters have shown, in detail, how the hacks are carried out via videos uploaded to YouTube. According to the forum post, the problem has become so widespread that the Infinity Ward forum moderators gathered and sent various emails to the developer, requesting immediate action.

"The videos though do indeed show the destructive capability of the mod/modders and I believe the situation to hold true," reads the submitted email. "The most affected game modes seem to be Search and Destroy but were reported to be in all gametypes. Hopefully something can be done to address this issue."

Infinity Ward responded, thanking all the COD4 PS3 users for their feedback. "We hear you loud and clear, and are investigating the glitchers," the Twitter post reads. The problems may be addressed via a game update, however the developer did not indicate when--or if--that would take place.

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  • I like butter.
  • ravenware
    Stop the presses!

    Cheating? Hacking? Call of Duty?

    This has plagued the CoD series since its release.
    The original game was overflowing with hackers once I had started playing it online, essentially ruining the game (that and the predictable single player missions). My fault I guess for spending too much time in Medal Of Honor.
  • Raidur
    Aha! So much for the PS3 vs PC argument of PC = hack-ability. :)

    This is a sad thing though. Cheaters are a sad sad thing. Gamers thinking they get some kind of 'hot' image when they're 'pwning' by cheating. Or even the ones who do it openly for... fun? Another reason being the fact that sometimes I get kicked out of servers for 'cheating' on CS:S. Apparently you aren't able to shoot the admin too many times in a row in the head, or ELSE!
  • Hatecrime69
    RaidurAha! So much for the PS3 vs PC argument of PC = hack-ability.
    No, no! This is entirely different! This is glitching, not hacking!

  • Darkk
    I have no problem of them hacking to give themselves god mode but don't do it in a live game where it's also being played by other players. Totally ruins the game.

    Since it's a glitch or exploit it'll be patched soon.

  • Darkk
    Also, since it's widely known exploit I wonder will they do a rollback of your scores after the patch is in place?
  • XD_dued
    Why do people cheat on video games? What do they have to gain? Games are for fun only, and it ruins the fun for everyone else, and even themselves. Its a lil fun to play games on god mode for a while, but it quickly gets boring. Seriously do something better with your life.
  • maigo
    Must be a slow day

    This just in, fire is hot
  • IzzyCraft
    Hatecrime69No, no! This is entirely different! This is glitching, not hacking! /sarcasmTell that to the StarCraft community where most glitches are allowed and hack are never allowed.
  • nachowarrior
    it's funny how many people whine about cheaters but don't realize there are top notch games with servers out there that don't tolerate cheating via PERMANENT BAN. Blizzard had the right idea with D2, give the cheaters their own servers, and leave the quality servers for people who want to play the game the right way (although there were a few cheats that sneaked through the reg server). Cheat on most valve servers protected VAC and you will soon no longer be able to play said game online without creating your own server.