Cheaters Hacking COD 4 Modern Warfare PS3

A thread over on the Infinity Ward forums reveals that troubles are brewing on the multiplayer front of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the PlayStation 3, as hackers are taking advantage of exploits that enables them to walk through buildings and fly. Additionally, hackers have also figured out how to receive unlimited ammunition, no reloads, activate God Mode and mount laser sights.

To make matters worse, the cheaters have shown, in detail, how the hacks are carried out via videos uploaded to YouTube. According to the forum post, the problem has become so widespread that the Infinity Ward forum moderators gathered and sent various emails to the developer, requesting immediate action.

"The videos though do indeed show the destructive capability of the mod/modders and I believe the situation to hold true," reads the submitted email. "The most affected game modes seem to be Search and Destroy but were reported to be in all gametypes. Hopefully something can be done to address this issue."

Infinity Ward responded, thanking all the COD4 PS3 users for their feedback. "We hear you loud and clear, and are investigating the glitchers," the Twitter post reads. The problems may be addressed via a game update, however the developer did not indicate when--or if--that would take place.

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