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Meet the Armadillo-Shelled Backpack

Designed by Cyclus, this innovative backpack takes its inspiration from the Armadillo, a creature with an incredibly versatile shell that features an interesting blend of hard, durable, firm and flexible textures. By taking the design of an Armadillo's shell and applying it to luggage products, Cyclus has created a unique style of cases that are both stylish and durable.

The Pangolin series backpack features an innovative retractable shell-like design that is created from recycled rubber inner tubes and several layers of a sturdy membrane. A central axis is created on each side of the backpack that allows the user to rotate the layers and pull them back to reveal stored objects. Although there may not be as many compartments and pockets as conventional backpacks, this interesting design by Cyclus provides a different and stylish new alternative.

Tuan Mai
Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.